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CIE: Analog & Digital Megger, Earth tester, Oil Testing Kit & High Voltage products(Oil BDV Test Kit, HV Test Sets)

ESSEN DIENKI: Indication lamp, Limit & Micro Switch, Push Button etc

HEX: All types of Lugs, Glands, Crimping tools.

INDOMAX: Ferrule Printing Machine & Label Sign Machine (MAX JAPAN).

KUSAM MECO: DMM, Tong Tester, CE & UL approved meters, Power clamp meters,Environmental Meters , Infrared Thermo meters, Laboratory Meters etc.

MINILEC: All types of Voltage/Current/Power Monitoring/ Motor/ Pump Monitoring Relays, Liquid level Controller, Timers & Alarm Annunciators.

MOTWANE: DMM/ Micro Ohmmeter/ Earth Tester High Voltage Products(Primary & Secondary Injection Test Kit, Transformer turn ratio) etc.

RISHABH: APM & DPM, MFM, Energy Management System (EMS) Programmable Transducers, DC Signal Isolators, Temperature Transmitters, Relays, CT Coil, DMM Tong Tester, Megger, etc.

SHANTI: Analog Panel meter(APM), Shunts, Insulation Tester, Earth tester etc.

SECURE: Trivector Meter, ABT Meter, Direct Current meter, Prepaid meter, Single/Three Phase Energy Meter, Online Power Analyser, Energy Monitoring software, Maximum Demand controllers & Demand Side Management, all types of Indication electrical meters.

TESTO: Temperature/ Humidity/ Air Velocity/ Pressure/ Light & Sound Measuring Instruments,Flue Gas Analyser, Thermal Imager, Indoor Air quality, PH & Cooking Oil Tester/ Refrigeration Manifolds/ RPM & Fibre Scope/ Data logging & Systems, pocket-sized instruments etc.

Fluke: Process Calibrators, Vibration Testing Equipment for Mechanical Troubleshooting Wireless Test Tools, Power Monitoring Solutions and Power Meters, Portable application tester tools & DMM etc.

Meggar: Oil test equipment, Low resistance ohmmeters, Transformer test equipment, Circuit breaker test equipment, Earth testers, Insulation test equipment etc.

Roly-Tray: Manufacture of all types of PVC channel with CE & CSA mark approval products.

Multi Span: Temperature controllers & Indicators, Process control Instruments, RTD, Sensors, RPM, Counter, Time totaliser, Cycle timers, Hour meter etc.